Human Resources Consulting

Our Human Resources Consulting Services can help make a positive, profitable difference in employer-employee relationships through many avenues including:

  • Handling non-productive employee behavior (i.e., addressing challenging issues like turnover, absenteeism, etc.)
  • Providing defensible processes and documentation for employee disciplinary actions, terminations, performance appraisals – thereby minimizing liabilities
  • Developing new and unique ways to appropriately reward, both financially and non-financially, those employees who are high performers
  • Training your supervisors and managers on creating an environment that leads to higher productivity, lower turnover, better customer service and an engaging working environment
  • Providing techniques to drive results that will qualitatively and quantitatively affect both your bottom line and working environment positively

Human Resources Consulting Questions We Can Help Answer

  • What is the real cost of turnover?
  • How do you keep from hiring employees who only stay for a day or a week?
  • When you can’t find the perfect new hire, how do you decide what you can live without?
  • Can you keep employees with tenure from increasing your fixed costs every year?
  • Is there anything that can be done to help supervisors get performance appraisals in on time?
  • What has to be done to ensure compliance with the changing laws?

How We Can Help

  • We assist our clients with the strategic integration of HR programs, processes, and relevant best practices into their daily operations. We can perform needs assessments and audits in order to provide data and make recommendations. We are able to create performance improvements or corrective plans, and develop required policies, programs or processes. These customized consulting services are based on your Human Resources needs within your time constraints. Customized training sessions and workshops can also be developed to help to ensure that any desired changes are integrated into the fabric of your organization.