Employee Terminations & Separations

  • Do you want to check on the legality of an employee termination with an HR expert?
  • Is an employee threatening to sue you?
  • Would you like to be coached through the details and process of an employee termination?
  • Do you have to conduct employee terminations due to a layoff situation?
  • Would you just like a second opinion?
  • Do you need an objective third-party witness?
  • Is there any documentation in the file of an employee you want to terminate?

Over 50% of employee terminations result in some type of legal action. Employee terminations and separations are one of the most unpleasant and risky tasks that business owners, leaders, managers and supervisors must perform. Because employee terminations are not an everyday occurrence, it’s difficult to become proficient – which can increase your risk.

Since most of us do not have much experience in terminating or firing employees, it’s critical to have someone with experience walk you through the process to avoid legal ramifications. Proper documentation is very important and a witness must be present. Utilizing seasoned HR expertise can minimize your legal liabilities and workplace disruption. Whether you need to terminate 1 or 100 employees, it can be done legally and with dignity, minimizing disruptions and liabilities.

Bailey Consulting Group has the experience to deliver expert consultation and training in the area of employee terminations, separations and layoffs. We can help ensure the most challenging employee termination is a smooth and respectful process for everyone involved.

Coaching and training can be tailored for your organization to help you become more proficient in the process of conducting employee terminations, separations, and layoffs, which will minimize your legal risk.